Draft Prospect - 2016
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Jacob Josefson
European Skater
Djurgarden, SWEDEN
Final Rank:  3 Midterm Rank:  3
Position:  Center Shoots:  Left
Height:  6' 0" Weight:  187
Born:  March 2, 1991    
Birthplace:  Stockholm, SWE
On his style of play: I’m a pretty good skater and see the ice pretty good. I like to set up some plays and I always give a hundred percent.

On patterning his game: I like to watch Henrik Zetterberg, I think he’s a very good player. I try to watch him and take some stuff from him. He is one of my favorite players.

On following the NHL in Sweden: Pretty much I look at NHL.com almost everyday and watch games on TV when they show them, so I follow it as much as I can.

On his first live NHL game in Vancouver: It was very exciting; I looked forward to it for a longtime. Four seconds into the game there was a fight and that was a good start to the game.

On watching the Senators-Penguins matchup in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008: It was fun, a good atmosphere around the game and two of the best teams in the world, so it was a good game.

On getting his start in hockey: My two older brothers played hockey, not at a high level, but they played, so I always watched their games. I started to skate when I was two years old and then played on a team and that’s how it I started.

On the biggest influences in his career: My parents and my brothers, they always supported me and always helped me to be the player and person that I am today.

On playing for Team Sweden: It’s a big honor, one of the biggest things you can do (in the game is) to represent your country and I love every second of doing that. It’s just fun.

On the recent success of Swedish hockey: I remember when we won the Olympic Gold in 2006. I sat on the couch at home with some friends and watched it and it was just great. Also to see Swedish success in the NHL helps you to want to come over (to North America) even more when you see that you can do it.

On his thoughts about being drafted into the NHL:
Being drafted to the NHL is a dream, every hockey player wants to play in the NHL and I do too, it’s one of the biggest things I want to do.