2009 Draft Watch: Devils' past Draft Day deals

Monday, 06.22.2009 / 3:04 PM ET / Features
New Jersey Devils
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2009 Draft Watch: Devils\' past Draft Day deals
The Devils traded down twice in 2008 to select Mattias Tedenby 24th overall.
newjerseydevils.com –The Devils are slotted to pick 23rd overall when the first round of the 2009 Entry Draft gets underway at Montreal's Bell Centre this Friday, June 26 (7 p.m. ET, VERSUS).

Anything can happen between now and the time the NHL's 30 clubs officially go on the clock to make their selections. Last season, New Jersey began the first round holding the 21st pick, but traded down twice to select Mattias Tedenby 24th overall.

The Devils shipped that 21st pick to Washington (Anton Gustaffson) for the 23rd and 54th picks, then sent the 23rd to Minnesota (Tyler Cuma) in exchange for the 24th choice and a third-rounder this season (73).

Jersey's Team chose Tedenby at 24, then took Rimouski's Patrice Cormier at 54.

Central Scouting had these observations on Tedenby: "Small but fearless ... has outstanding speed and stick work. He creates scoring chances with his outstanding skating and is very difficult to stop when he is at full speed. He has excellent balance and quick, smooth hands ..."

But the Tedenby deal is just one of many moves that the Devils have made on Draft day. Here's a closer look:

Trading up

Obtained #3 1994 Draft Pick (Sheldon Souray) from Calgary for New Jersey’s #3 (Chris Clark), Vancouver’s #4 (Ryan Duthie) and Ottawa’s #5 (Nils Ekman) 1994 Draft Picks

Obtained #2 1997 Draft Pick (Stanislav Gron) from Ottawa for #3 (Jani Hurme), Ottawa’s #3 (Josh Langfeld) 1997 Draft Picks

Obtained #1 1998 Draft Pick (Scott Gomez) from Dallas for Carolina’s #2 (John Erskine), #2 (Tyler Bouck) 1998 Draft Picks.
Obtained Pittsburgh’s #2 1998 Draft Pick (Brian Gionta) from Edmonton for #4 (Kristian Antila), #5 (Oleg Smirnov) 1998 Draft Picks and rights to Fredrik Lindqvist

Obtained #2 2001 Draft Pick (Victor Uchevatov) from Ottawa for #3 2001 Compensatory Draft Pick (Neil Komadoski), #3 2001 Draft Pick (later transferred to Tampa Bay-Evgeny Artukhin)

Obtained #3 2002 Draft Pick (Jason Ryznar) from Atlanta for Phoenix’s #4 2001 (Milan Gajic) and #7 2002 (later transferred to San Jose-Tim Conboy) Draft Picks

Obtained #1 2003 Draft Pick (Zach Parise) from Edmonton for St. Louis’ #1 (Marc-Antoine Pouliot), #2 (Jean-Francois Jacques) 2003 Draft Picks

Obtained #1 2004 Draft Pick (Travis Zajac) from Dallas for #1 (later transferred to San Jose-Lukas Kaspar), #3 (later transferred to Washington-Clayton Barthel) 2004 Draft Picks

Trading down

Obtained #1 (Martin Brodeur), Detroit’s #2 (David Harlock) and Minnesota’s #2 (Chris Gotziaman) 1990 Draft Picks from Calgary for #1 (Trevor Kidd), #2 (Vesa Viitakoski) 1990 Draft Picks

Obtained Toronto’s #2 (Josh DeWolf), #2 (Colin White) 1996 Draft Picks from Pittsburgh for San Jose’s #2 1996 Draft Pick (Pavel Skrbek)

Obtained #8 2001 Draft Pick (Aaron Voros) from Tampa Bay for Minnesota’s #9 2000 Draft Pick (Thomas Ziegler)

Obtained Phoenix’s #2 2001 Draft Pick (Igor Pohanka), Vancouver’s #2 2001 Compensatory Draft Pick (Tuomas Pihlman) from Florida for St. Louis’ #1 2001 Draft Pick (Lukas Krajicek)

Obtained #4 2001 Draft Pick (later transferred to Atlanta-Milan Gajic), #3 2002 Draft Pick (Marek Chvatal) Draft Picks from Phoenix for #3 2001 Draft Pick (Beat Schiess-Forster)

Obtained Carolina’s #1 (Matthew Corrente), Vancouver’s #3 (Vladimir Zharkov) 2006 Draft Picks from St. Louis for #1 2006 Draft Pick (Patrik Berglund).

Draft picks acquired for players

Obtained #1 1982 (Rocky Trottier), #1 1983 (John MacLean) Draft Picks from St. Louis for Rob Ramage

Obtained Los Angeles’ #1 1989 Draft Pick (Jason Miller) from Edmonton for Corey Foster. 

Players acquired for draft picks

Obtained Tom Kurvers from Buffalo for Detroit’s #3 1987 Draft Pick (Andrew MacVicar)
Obtained David Maley from Montreal for #3 1987 Draft Pick (Mathieu Schneider)

Obtained Corey Millen from Los Angeles for #5 1993 Draft Pick (Jason Saal)

Players for players

Obtained Claude Loiselle from Detroit for Tim Higgins

Obtained Sylvain Turgeon from Hartford for Pat Verbeek

Trades involving players and picks

Obtained Rich Preston, Don Dietrich, #2 1985 Draft Pick (Eric Weinrich) from Chicago for Bobby MacMillan, #5 1985 Draft Pick (Rick Herbert)

Obtained Walt Poddubny, #4 1990 Draft Pick (Mike Bodnarchuk) from Quebec for Joe Cirella, Claude Loiselle, #8 1990 Draft Pick (Alexander Karpovtsev)

Obtained Jeff Reese, Chicago’s #2 (Pierre Dagenais), #8 (Jason Bertsch) 1996 Draft Picks from Tampa Bay for Corey Schwab

Obtained #3 2003 Draft Pick (Ivan Khomutov) from St. Louis for Mike Danton, #3 2003 Draft Pick (Konstantin Zakharov)