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Day One celebration culminates with a bang

Sunday, 02.14.2010 / 8:06 AM ET / Fan Zone
By Anthony Oliva
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After a long day of crossing the continent on trains, planes, automobiles, and buses with 50 lbs of luggage, along with watching the Canadian women crushing their Slovakian counterparts, 18-0, I was ready for bed 21 hours later.

And then the fireworks blasted in downtown Vancouver...

For a second, it reminded me of the late night jailbreak scene in My Cousin VInny when all Joe Pesci – born in Newark!  – wants to do is go to bed. Still, the fireworks lighting up an already gorgeous Vancouver skyline was an awesome sight.

The audio doesn't do the scene much justice as those fireworks were booming, and this makes it sound like a cap gun. You do get a sense of how windy it is – very – up on the 33rd floor of the apartment, though.

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