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Lemaire says postseason success is a team game

Friday, 04.16.2010 / 3:03 PM ET / News
New Jersey Devils
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Coach\'s Comments
Jacques Lemaire
Jacques Lemaire spoke to the media after Friday's morning skate. The Devils were set to host the Flyers in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series.

What do you need to see in the first seven, eight minutes of tonight’s game?

Jacques Lemaire: Puck control, skating, be on the puck as much as possible. Today it’s pretty much every team’s game to have good puck control; to control the game, in a way, by making the right play with the puck and trying to be, if you don’t have it, try to be as intense as possible on their puck carrier.

Andrew Peters in the lineup?
You’ll see tonight.

When you looked at the tape from Game 1, did you see anything that you think you might be able to exploit?
Maybe little things that can bring us a little more [scoring] chances.

Are you doing a lot of teaching?
Not as much as during the regular season, because they should know at this time of the season what to do. We just go over things that maybe they don’t do as well as they can do.

If this game is scoreless going into the third period, are you comfortable? Or does this team need to take a lead to get comfortable?
It’s always better to take a lead. To take a lead is better. To be even is good – that’s second. To be behind by a goal is third.

But you’re not worried about this team’s confidence, then?
No. What’s even greater is to get a lead by two goals, instead of one. Down by two? I don’t want to talk about this.

Is it fair to say that you need Ilya Kovalchuk to come out and establish himself tonight?
I don’t want to think like that. I don’t want to put the responsibility on one guy.

You said he was pressing a bit the other night. Does he need to do that himself?
He’s got to play his game. The other players have to play their game. Does it mean that the Flyers need one guy? Say, ‘Chris [Pronger], you’re going to have to be the top guy. You’re going to have to do the whole thing. You’re going to carry that team.’ Is that how that works? I don’t think it does in the playoffs. See Washington, there. They tried that in Washington. It’s the whole team, it’s not one guy. One guy doesn’t work. Somebody else has to work – that’s how you win Cups. I’ve never seen it where one guy does it. He’s got to do his share like the other guys have to do their share. That’s how it works. You look at Philly, everyone does their job. It’s not one guy.

Were the Flyers as physical as you anticipated in Game 1?
They played their game.

Do you have to exploit their third set of defense?
We have to try to exploit everyone, if we can. Their D is playing fine. There’s some that play better, and they get more ice time, like on any other team. That’s how it works.