Brodeur keen on green throwbacks

Hopes to see team's retro uniforms used more

Thursday, 03.17.2011 / 1:44 PM ET / Features
By Eric Marin
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Brodeur keen on green throwbacks
At look at Brodeur during his debut season of 1991-92. He will use a replica mask and red sticks for Friday's retro game against Washington. GETTY IMAGES
When it comes to bringing back the vintage red and green uniforms, once a year isn’t enough for Martin Brodeur.

The NHL’s all-time wins leader hopes to see more games played using the club’s original colors, which return for the second straight season Friday against Washington.

“I wish they could play more often with it,” Brodeur said. “If it would be my thing, five games at home would be fun. Guys could get [matching] gloves and just get in the spirit of it a little more than just an in-and-out game.”

Last year, players had a chance to practice in the red helmets, green pants and matching socks, then wore them again for the morning skate before beating Pittsburgh last March 17.

With the Devils in Ottawa to face the Senators on Thursday, the old threads won’t be out of storage for long.

“It’s even worse now, it’s a back-to-back game so guys won’t even practice with their stuff: their helmets, the shell of their pants,” Brodeur said. “It’d be fun if we did it a little more often.”

Brodeur’s affinity for the red and green is understandable. It was the first NHL jersey he ever wore, the one he donned as a 19-year-old to beat the Boston Bruins on March 26, 1992, and record his first career win.

I wish they could play more often with it. If it would be my thing, five games at home would be fun. - Martin Brodeur
Recalled from St. Hyacinthe (QMJHL) under double-emergency conditions, Brodeur covered up the team’s name – “Laser” – on the side of his red mask, and replaced it with “Devils.” His catching glove and blocker were blue, matching the junior club’s color scheme. The Daigneault & Rolland goal pads were red, green and white.

“I love it,” he said with a smile. “I think it’s great. I don’t know, if I played with it every single game, maybe it would get to me, but you’ll see how much brighter we look out there on Friday. It’s going to be a big change for people to watch us. I remember last year when we did it, we skated around with red helmets, and it was like, ‘This is weird.’”

Brodeur had a replica of that mask recreated for last year’s game, and will go with the same one on Friday. The original was eventually painted over with red and black, which the Devils adopted to start the 1992-93 season.

Brodeur also ordered another special batch of red Sher-Wood sticks, same as the ones he used for last year’s game. He will not change his gloves or pads, however.

“But if we played more, I would get a set of equipment that would match,” Brodeur said. “ I would do the blue blocker, I would do the whole thing. But it’s not enough, one game, to start breaking in stuff.”