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Adam Larsson Q&A

Speaks to the media for the first time as a Devil

Friday, 06.24.2011 / 11:56 PM ET / Draft
New Jersey Devils
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Adam Larsson Q&A
Larsson already boasts an imposing 6-3 frame.
The Devils selected Adam Larsson fourth overall at the 2011 Entry Draft on Friday, landing the top European skater in this year's draft class.

It was the Devils' highest draft pick since 1991, when they selected Scott Niedermayer third overall.

Larsson, a 6-3, 200-lb. defenseman who models himself after Nick Lidstrom, spoke to the media after donning the Devils cap and jersey for the first time:

Your thoughts going into today?
ADAM LARSSON:  Well, we're happy and excited for next year to go into New Jersey's organization, and I'm very proud too.

Surprised going down to four?  There was a chance of you being second.
No, actually not.  I think it's just good guys and skilled guys that came before me. So I'm not surprised at all.

Adam, is it nice to go to a team that already has such a good foundation?
Yeah, of course.  They have three Swedes on their team, so I think that makes things easier for me from the start.

Did you get the idea that they were interested?
Yeah, actually I had some meetings with them right after the draft, too, and they had said good things about me, but you never know.  I wasn't sure.

What kind of adjustments do you need to make to your game?
I think I need to be stronger in my body and I need to improve my shots a little bit more, but I'm working on it at home every single day, and hopefully we'll get better.

Can you talk about playing in front of a world class goalie like Martin Brodeur?
Of course it would be an honor to play in front of him.  I don't know what to say, but I'm looking forward to it.

Did you feel any pressure?  I mean you were talked about going potentially 1 or 2, did you feel the pressure for yourself coming into this day and have some hopes and anxieties in terms of wanting to have that number one spot?
Yeah, of course, I wanted to be number one.  I think all of the guys want that, but after all I was proud.  The Draft is just huge for every single hockey player.  So I'm just happy to be drafted right now.

Do you think there is a sense maybe of motivation for you to say, "I'm the guy and I should have gone number one" ?
Yeah, of course, I wish.

Talk about your thoughts of being drafted by New Jersey and putting on the jersey and being drafted by them?
Yeah, they have many Stanley Cups.  It is a good organization and everything.  They have some old guys, and I think that helps, can help our young players.

Tim Erixson in Sweden, you're now going to be right across the river from him.  He's in New York, you're in New Jersey.  What's that mean to you and what's that going to be like being rivals with him now?
Yeah, of course, it will feel great to have him just across the river and just hang out with him.  But at the games we are not friends, so.

Do you know any of the Swedish Devils that are on the team right now?
Yeah, I know three of them, Mattias Tedenby, Johan Hedberg, and Jacob Josefson.

Do you think you'll have a chance to play with them and play on their team?
Yeah, of course, they're good guys.  I know them pretty well.