Paramus Catholic Enjoying a Season of Great Success

Coach Keith Bland sees team improving every day

Monday, 01.21.2013 / 4:05 PM ET / Community
By Anthony Smith  - NJ Youth Hockey Central
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Paramus Catholic Enjoying a Season of Great Success
Leading a team to a state championship is something that most high school coaches hope to achieve. For Keith Bland, that notion isn\u2019t any different. But for him, no season has been quite like the current one.
The Paramus Catholic Paladins are currently 16-0. (Photo/MSG Varsity)
Leading a team to a state championship is something that most high school coaches hope to achieve. For Keith Bland, that notion isn’t any different. But for him, no season has been quite like the current one.

Bland is currently in his fifth season as head coach of the Paramus Catholic squad. His team is currently 16-0, and has scored 111 times in those 16 games in addition to only allowing a mere 16 goals. That dominance has driven them to the top of the standings in the Big North Conference Gold Division and to number three in The Record’s Top 10 rankings. Bland says that the leadership of the players on his team has been a key cog to this season’s success.

“The leadership for this year’s team is actually very good,” Bland reveals. “In years past, we’ve always had that star guy, that go-to guy that everybody would look to. This year, the leadership has been tremendous across the board.”

Bland added that his captains have left a good impression on his younger players as they have taken charge of the team on many occasions.

“My captains and assistant captain have led by example,” Bland suggests. “We’ve had a couple of practices where we’ve started off slowly in practice. Those guys had seen that I wasn’t happy with the way practice was going and they kind of stopped it and said ‘Hey we need to be better here. Let’s get our act together.’ They’ve handled that very well.”

The leaders of the currently undefeated Paramus Catholic squad, according to Bland, are senior captains Dan Sowinski and Matt Cofrancesco, along with assistant captain Bryan Nagy. Leading scorer Alex Fleishmann, who has an astonishing 44 points in 16 games, has also played a key leadership role on this team, helping to carry the load and lead by example. Bland says that having multiple players to rely on this year as opposed to relying on one superstar has aided this team’s ability to succeed.

“This year, the leadership has been tremendous across the board. My captains and assistant captain have led by example, knowing what to expect from me. From being able to get to practice on time and setting up the drills, and getting to the rink ahead of schedule, it gives me more time to worry about other things, rather than having to be hounding them and keeping right on them. - Keith Bland
“This year, its spread out a little bit more than we’ve had in the past. I’ve been playing three lines here regularly during the season,” Bland explains. “Scoring is spread out; we have a couple of freshman playing regular minutes, both defensively and on the third line. Playing three lines has made a difference so far, as everybody’s contributed and chipped in.”

By winning so many games by such a large margin, it has been a difficult task for Bland to keep his team focused.  But he suggests that in spite of winning many games by large margins, complacency has not set in for this group. His team keeps their eyes on the prize, and is continuously working hard to achieve their goals.

“I think that’s been the toughest part, trying to keep everybody playing the way that the game is supposed to be played, keep doing the right things so we don’t get into any bad habits,” Bland says. “We know we’re going to come down to a tough stretch in the second half of the season. We’re just trying to be prepared and get better every day.”

For Bland, winning has obviously aided in the enjoyment. But because his team has remained focused, coaching this team has been an enjoyable and ultimately gratifying experience.

“It’s fun to come to the rink. The guys have bought into what I want to do, they want to learn and get better. So it makes my job a lot easier,” Bland states. “It’s been fun to see the guys improving. We have a couple of freshman that have come in that I’ve seen a huge difference in. Not only them but some of the older guys as well, it’s nice to see those results.”

In 2012, Bland’s squad made it to the semifinals of the state tournament, and experiencing being so close to winning a state title has kept this year’s team motivated.

“I only graduated five or six players from last season when we were 18-5-3,” Bland says. “We had a very good run, and I think they got a little taste of that success and say ‘Hey, you know what? We can do this if we put our mind to it and buy into the system, and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.’”

Despite currently being a favorite to make a deep run into March, potentially culminating in a trip to Prudential Center for a shot at a state title, Bland doesn’t let the hype get to his team. And while he doesn’t see any reason why his team can’t make it far into the state tournament, taking it one game at a time is the ultimate goal.

“Realistically, it’s going to be a tough road there’s no question about it,” Bland says. “We’re looking to get into the state tournament, and just going to play our game. We’ll take our chances down the road when they come, and we’ll see where the pieces may fall.”

On their quest toward a state title, the Paramus Catholic group will face off against The Record’s top-ranked team in Don Bosco Prep in the championship game of the Bergen County Tournament on Wednesday, January 23 at 7:15 p.m. at the Ice Vault in Wayne.




1 p - NYR 82 53 22 7 252 192 113
2 y - MTL 82 50 22 10 221 189 110
3 x - TBL 82 50 24 8 262 211 108
4 x - WSH 82 45 26 11 242 203 101
5 x - NYI 82 47 28 7 252 230 101
6 x - DET 82 43 25 14 235 221 100
7 x - OTT 82 43 26 13 238 215 99
8 x - PIT 82 43 27 12 221 210 98
9 BOS 82 41 27 14 213 211 96
10 FLA 82 38 29 15 206 223 91
11 CBJ 82 42 35 5 236 250 89
12 PHI 82 33 31 18 215 234 84
13 NJD 82 32 36 14 181 216 78
14 CAR 82 30 41 11 188 226 71
15 TOR 82 30 44 8 211 262 68
16 BUF 82 23 51 8 161 274 54


A. Henrique 75 16 27 -6 43
M. Cammalleri 68 27 15 2 42
P. Elias 69 13 21 -20 34
S. Gomez 58 7 27 -10 34
S. Bernier 67 16 16 2 32
T. Zajac 74 11 14 -3 25
A. Larsson 64 3 21 2 24
A. Greene 82 3 19 1 22
E. Gelinas 61 6 13 -2 19
M. Ryder 47 6 13 -1 19
C. Schneider 26 31 9 .925 2.26
K. Kinkaid 6 5 4 .915 2.59