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What are your hobbies? How do you occupy your time to plan for the future?
My motto is “practice your craft and make it the best it possibly can be”. I occupy my time by taking dance classes, acting classes and seminars that teach me to be the best performer I can be. Hobbies: Working out, taking my Pomeranian (Romeo) to parks and rollerblading.

Have you ever worked for a charity? Who/what would you like to volunteer for?
I have worked with many charities, mostly in the War Veteran’s Community. I am the Spokesperson for the United War Veterans Council of the Mayor’s Office of Veteran Affairs in NYC.

What is it about New Jersey that you love?
The Shore, Long Beach Island – where I was born.

I’m proud to be a Devil’s Dancer because…
Dance was always my passion and my personal expression. I always took my training seriously and I’m honored to represent a state I love with a group of girls who are like family!

Three fun facts about yourself:
I was Miss 2009 for Miss America Organization.
I was featured in Shape Magazine as a fitness model.
1st generation Slovak-American.