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What are your hobbies? How do you occupy your time to plan for the future?
I am constantly thinking about what I want and focus solely on that feeling. I spend my days preparing for opportunities that will arise; I take acting classes, dance classes, yoga, pilates and go to the gym. What I want for my future entails constant training, focus and belief in myself. It is very important to keep going and remember that even if it gets tough, I'm doing what makes me happier than anything in this world. I tell myself this everyday!

Have you ever worked for a charity? Who/what would you like to volunteer for?
My mother is a Breast Cancer Survivor and I will always pray, walk and give as much as I can to help find a cure. I also do a lot of work for United Cerebral Palsy. My sister has Cerebral Palsy and since I was a little girl I would always partake in activities and events to support her and others with her condition. When I was an active sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority at Hofstra University, I used to raise money and organize events for the Robbie Page Memorial. I would like to continue to work for many different charities because it is important to learn about what help is needed in our world.

What is it about New Jersey that you love?
That it is so close to NYC! I am a native New Yorker and it's awesome to go a "mini vacation" with all of my friends to the shore in the summer. Plus, Hoboken is so cute & super close!

I’m proud to be a Devil’s Dancer because…
I get to dance my heart out! With the coolest group of girls! For the best team in the NHL! The discipline and focus needed to be a part of this dance team consistently reminds me of what is essential to be a successful woman. I couldn't be more grateful for this accomplishment and to have been chosen to represent the best dance team in all sports!

Three fun facts about yourself:
I'm bi-coastal. I have an apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and in Los Angeles, CA.
I'm a natural Blonde.
I know sign language.

What’s the greatest moment of your life thus far aside from being a Devil’s Dancer?
To have been the best daughter to the best father any girl could have.