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NJ on ice Name: N.J. Devil
Height: 6 Feet
Hometown: The Pine Barrens
Favorite Food: Devil Dogs
Favorite Songs: Rock and Roll Anthem Part 2, Hells Bells, Party Rock by LMFAO, and Welcome To The Jungle
Favorite Movies: Miracle, The Rocket, Mighty Ducks 1, 2, and 3.

N.J.'s Likes:
  • Playing and teaching hockey
  • Dancing
  • Helping out in the community
  • Winning Stanley Cups
  • Throwing T-shirts at the Devils game
  • Banging the drum loud at all Devils home games

  • Birds that can't fly
  • Philly Cheese Steaks
  • Big Apples
  • Landmasses surrounded by water

For more information on how to get N.J. Devil out to your next event contact my agent Rob Peters at 973.757.6143 or email Rob at rpeters@newjerseydevils.com.

For updates on where, when, and what I am up to check out my Twitter and Facebook.

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