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What are your hobbies? How do you occupy your time to plan for the future?
I am currently the retail director at Broadway Dance Center.  I have a love for both fashion and dance and this job combines the two!

Have you ever worked for a charity? Who/what would you like to volunteer for?
I went to Ohio State University where I was a proud member of the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. Our national philanthropy is CASA which is made up of trained volunteers who speak up for abused children in court.  I also performed in M.O.V.E autism showcase this past spring. M.O.V.E is a non- profit organization that raises funds and awareness for rising issues.

What is it about New Jersey that you love?
I moved from Ohio to New York City so working in New Jersey is the perfect in between! Great sports teams, great beach, and great people!

I’m proud to be a Devil’s Dancer because…
Everyone on the team brings something different to the table which makes us collectively an inspirational and diverse group of girls. We are hard working women by day yet can turn the crowd around with our positive and upbeat energy at night.  Nothing beats getting to do what you love doing in front of a supportive, energetic, and enthusiastic crowd!

Three fun facts about yourself:
1. I’m obsessed with thai iced coffee!  
2. I was named after a Perry Como song, "Aubrey was her name"
3. I'm part of the .5 population of women who are slightly colorblind!

What was the greatest moment of your life thus far aside from becoming a Devils Dancer?
Graduating from Ohio State University with two degrees. I received my B.F.A. in dance and my B.A. in communication.