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What are your hobbies? How do you occupy your time to plan for the future?
My hobbies include doing anything dance related ( teaching dance and taking classes ), listening to music, spending time with my family and friends, and watching sports.

I plan to attend school again in the spring to get my 2nd degree in Social Work in order to help children in need. Also, I want to be the best teammate and teacher I can be so I continue to take classes at Broadway Dance Center in NYC and dance workshops within the area to stay in touch with the ever changing styles.

Have you ever worked for a charity? Who/what would you like to volunteer for?
In high school, I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity at two different events in Newark,NJ. At Rutgers University, I attended children's hospitals and performed with my teammates for the March Of Dimes Foundation. As a Devils Dancer, I performed at an event helping to raise money for a sweet young girl's surgery and volunteering my time during Recreation hours at a Children's Hospital in NJ.

What is it about New Jersey that you love?
It's fist pumping, the jersey shore, my alma mater RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, the diners, amazing nail salons, our sports teams,my two favorite tv show (Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of NJ), and the people. I just love everything that is jersey - we are loud, trendy, confident, tons of spirit, and lots of fun!!!

I’m proud to be a Devil’s Dancer because…
Being a 4th year member I feel like being a part of this team I have found my home as a professional dancer. As a Devils Dancer,  I get do what I love to do in front of such loyal, dedicated, supportive, and loving fans. It is such a great feeling to see crowds of fans wanting to take pictures with us, asking for our autographs, and cheering us on during every performance. We have the greatest fans ever and I am so thankful for every single one of them. Lastly, I have met the most gorgeous, intelligent, talented, and passionate girls throughout the past four years. There is no better feeling than dancing on the platform looking next to me and seeing my sisters. I am fortunate to say I have so many sisters thanks to being a member of this team!

Three fun facts about yourself:
1. Before I started dancing I was a pageant girl in 1988-1989. I won 1st runner up Miss Starbright of NJ
2. I have "Bieber" fever
3. I'm deathly afraid of snakes

What was the greatest moment of your life thus far aside from becoming a Devils Dancer?
The greatest moment of life thus far besides being a devils dancer has to be all of the opportunities I got being a dancer at Rutgers University. I danced at the infamous Rutgers vs Louisville game in 2006, coming in 2nd place by .01 of a point from being National Champs (highest rank in over 10 yrs), and appearing on The Apprentice, The Rachel Ray Show, American Gladiators, Aeropostle commercial, modeling for Dance Spirit and Bodywrappers magazines, and being a member of Season 2 of MTVs Americas Best Dance Crew with the Rutgers University Dance Team.

Winning Best Choreography at " Access Broadway", a regional dance competition, in March for my senior lyrical group dance.