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Returning to the Devils Dance Team as a 5th year Veteran, Felicia is a trustworthy, vivacious, and entertaining girl who loves to spend her off time with her family or friends just having a good time, catching up on life, and attending a sporting event. Her favorite type of dance is Lyrical because she loves displacing her emotions through the movement and storytelling of the dance. She got into dance at the age of 4 when a judge at a beauty pageant suggested that she take some dance classes, and she says it best "so, here I am 24 years later." If she did not have to ever work again, she would road trip across the country and attend different college and professional sporting events while trying out new eateries along the way. In preparation for her future, Felicia stated; "I plan to go back to school to get my 2nd degree in Social Work in order to help children in need. Also, I want to be the best teammate and teach that I can be so I continue to take classes at Broadway Dance Center in NYC and dance workshops within the area to stay in touch with the ever changing styles."