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Entering her Rookie season with the New Jersey Devils, Christie's energetic, outgoing and passionate personality will make the Devils Dancers even better than they already are! Since Kindergarten, she has been dancing up a storm as after spending time with the National Football League's New York Jets and San Diego Chargers, she makes her way to Jerseys team. Aside from dancing, she is a full-time sales executive for Groupon, which she absolutely loves. Because of how much she loves her job, it helps her become a successful salesperson and it continues to help her grow professionally. One of the most important things to Christie is her time management; "Budgeting my time between work, dancing, coaching and spending time with friends & family is a difficult balancing act because they're all very important to me." Christie says that Jersey is her favorite place to be because "While living in San Diego, I missed the change in seasons. New Jersey is absolutely beautiful in the fall and I am so happy to be back East to see it this year!"