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Coming into her Rookie season with the Devils, Gabrielle is a young dancer who has had her career taken off right away. As a 19 year old college sophomore, she is studying for a degree in Communications and Entertainment management. At the age of three, her mother and grandmother had encouraged her to get into dance and the rest is history. Gabrielle's favorite type of dance is hip-hip. She would love to stay in the sports industry and work with dancers in the NFL, NBA, and the NHL because of how amazing the job is. Gabrielle said she is proud to be a Devils Dancer because: "I have reached my goal at the age of 19. I worked so hard my whole life, dreaming of hearing my name to be called to make it on the team and especially making it on the first time trying out is just an accomplishment that I could never describe. I am proud to represent such a terrific organization and aside me I am with wonderful girls that are terrific and a joy to be around. I am truly blessed and honored."