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The Devils Dancers welcome back Julia as a 1st year Veteran. The New Jersey native returns to bring her kind, hard-working, and realistic attitude back to the team. While she loves all styles of dance, Julia loves to tap. She doesn't get to do it much, but she enjoys making different intricate rhythms with her feet. She explains to us that "her parents tell me that I danced before I could walk! My mom put me into dance classes when I was 4 and I never wanted to stop. I really believe it's a talent that I was born with and dance is part of who I am. I don't know what I would do without it!" When she has a night off from The Rock, Julia loves to dress up and go out, especially to places where she can dance. With a graduate from Rutgers University with a focus on Math and Science Education, she is planning to continue school to earn her doctorate and work within the field of research. Her favorite thing about being in New Jersey is that she loves being in her home state because she loves being near the beach, she loves watching the seasons change, and she loves the New Jersey Devils, of course!