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As a 4th year Veteran, Captain Randi has inspired and been an outstanding leader to the Devils Team. Thanks to her fun, outgoing, relaxed attitude, her time here with the Devils has been nothing short of amazing. Having the opportunity to Dance at the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals, Randi has lived out a life-long dream of having the opportunity to dance with Jersey's Team. Starting at the age of three, she has developed a passion and loves hip hop dance. In her spare time, Randi works as a dance teacher and she currently continues to take dance classes to become better at dance. Her charity work includes working with the Make A Wish Foundation. She loves to bring a smile to children's faces and being able to help children in need. She is proud to be a part of the Dance team because she gets to represent the biggest sports team in New Jersey and doing what she loves at the same time. If Randi could give advice to aspiring dancers, this is what she would recommend; "Always practice to better yourself, take classes to learn new things, and never give up on your goals!"