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1st 00:30OTTShotMilan Michalek Wrist Shot
1st 00:42OTTHitAlex Kovalev hit Colin White
1st 00:49NJDShotDainius Zubrus Snap Shot
1st 01:18NJDHitIlkka Pikkarainen hit Chris Campoli
1st 01:44NJDHitTim Sestito hit Chris Neil
1st 01:52NJDShotDavid Clarkson Wrist Shot
1st 02:09NJDHitTim Sestito hit Brian Lee
1st 02:33OTTShotMilan Michalek Backhand
1st 03:17OTTHitMike Fisher hit Colin White
1st 03:43NJDShotAndrew Peters Wrist Shot
1st 04:51OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Tim Sestito
1st 05:01NJDHitMark Fraser hit Chris Kelly
1st 06:10NJDShotMark Fraser Wrist Shot
1st 06:19OTTShotAlex Kovalev Wrist Shot
1st 07:30OTTHitJonathan Cheechoo hit Colin White
1st 07:48NJDHitColin White hit Peter Regin
1st 08:08OTTHitChris Neil hit David Clarkson
1st 08:20OTTHitJesse Winchester hit David Clarkson
1st 08:34NJDShotZach Parise Snap Shot
1st 08:49OTTHitMilan Michalek hit Colin White
1st 08:58OTTHitFilip Kuba hit Zach Parise
1st 09:55NJDShotJamie Langenbrunner Slap Shot
1st 11:03OTTHitJonathan Cheechoo hit Colin White
1st 11:17OTTPenaltyChris Neil Holding against Rod Pelley
1st 11:23NJDShotNiclas Bergfors Wrist Shot
1st 12:23NJDHitJamie Langenbrunner hit Milan Michalek
1st 13:36NJDHitDavid Clarkson hit Jason Spezza
1st 13:46OTTShotJason Spezza Wrist Shot
1st 13:53OTTShotChris Campoli Slap Shot
1st 14:00OTTGoalMilan Michalek (7) Wrist Shot, assists: Daniel Alfredsson (12), Chris Campoli (3)
1st 14:49OTTHitFilip Kuba hit Dainius Zubrus
1st 15:09OTTHitAlexandre Picard hit Ilkka Pikkarainen
1st 15:10OTTPenaltyMatt Carkner Fighting against Andrew Peters
1st 15:10NJDPenaltyAndrew Peters Fighting against Matt Carkner
1st 15:31OTTHitChris Campoli hit Matt Halischuk
1st 15:50NJDHitRod Pelley hit Chris Neil
1st 16:03OTTHitJesse Winchester hit Andy Greene
1st 16:19OTTHitChris Kelly hit David Clarkson
1st 16:27OTTShotJarkko Ruutu Wrist Shot
1st 16:39NJDHitTim Sestito hit Alexandre Picard
1st 17:13NJDHitBryce Salvador hit Milan Michalek
1st 18:18NJDPenaltyDainius Zubrus Holding against Alex Kovalev
2nd 00:20NJDHitMike Mottau hit Milan Michalek
2nd 00:36NJDHitDainius Zubrus hit Daniel Alfredsson
2nd 00:49OTTPenaltyJason Spezza Hooking against Andy Greene
2nd 00:53NJDShotBrian Rolston Slap Shot
2nd 01:12NJDHitDavid Clarkson hit Chris Phillips
2nd 02:09OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Zach Parise
2nd 02:26NJDShotTravis Zajac Backhand
2nd 03:04OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Andy Greene
2nd 03:20OTTPenaltyJarkko Ruutu Holding against Andy Greene
2nd 04:27NJDShotAndy Greene Wrist Shot
2nd 04:40NJDShotJamie Langenbrunner Wrist Shot
2nd 04:51OTTShotDaniel Alfredsson Wrist Shot
2nd 05:15NJDHitMike Mottau hit Filip Kuba
2nd 05:44OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Niclas Bergfors
2nd 06:06NJDHitTravis Zajac hit Brian Lee
2nd 06:18OTTHitChris Campoli hit Travis Zajac
2nd 06:43OTTShotChris Neil Backhand
2nd 07:15NJDShotTim Sestito Wrist Shot
2nd 07:40OTTHitChris Phillips hit Matt Halischuk
2nd 07:55NJDShotMatt Halischuk Backhand
2nd 08:17OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Mike Mottau
2nd 08:37NJDHitAndrew Peters hit Chris Phillips
2nd 09:06OTTHitMike Fisher hit Ilkka Pikkarainen
2nd 09:10OTTHitMatt Carkner hit Dainius Zubrus
2nd 09:15NJDHitIlkka Pikkarainen hit Alexandre Picard
2nd 09:16NJDHitNiclas Bergfors hit Nick Foligno
2nd 09:31OTTShotAlex Kovalev Wrap-around
2nd 10:22OTTHitChris Phillips hit Zach Parise
2nd 11:09OTTGoalBrian Lee (1) Wrist Shot, assists: none
2nd 11:23NJDHitCory Murphy hit Peter Regin
2nd 11:38NJDPenaltyCory Murphy Interference against Jonathan Cheechoo
2nd 13:36OTTShotChris Campoli Wrist Shot
2nd 14:00NJDHitMatt Halischuk hit Chris Phillips
2nd 14:26OTTPenaltyPeter Regin Hooking against Andy Greene
2nd 15:01NJDShotTravis Zajac Wrist Shot
2nd 15:07NJDShotDavid Clarkson Wrist Shot
2nd 15:22NJDShotZach Parise Snap Shot
2nd 15:35NJDGoalZach Parise (6) Wrist Shot, assists: David Clarkson (6), Jamie Langenbrunner (9)
2nd 16:11NJDShotNiclas Bergfors Wrist Shot
2nd 16:20NJDShotBrian Rolston Slap Shot
2nd 16:46OTTHitJesse Winchester hit Andy Greene
2nd 16:55NJDHitDavid Clarkson hit Chris Campoli
2nd 18:05NJDShotJamie Langenbrunner Tip-In
2nd 18:21NJDHitAndy Greene hit Chris Neil
2nd 19:00OTTHitMike Fisher hit Dainius Zubrus
2nd 19:08OTTShotNick Foligno Wrist Shot
2nd 19:10OTTShotChris Neil Backhand
2nd 19:35OTTHitJonathan Cheechoo hit Bryce Salvador
2nd 19:43OTTShotAlex Kovalev Backhand
3rd 00:34NJDHitTravis Zajac hit Daniel Alfredsson
3rd 01:02NJDHitAndy Greene hit Jason Spezza
3rd 01:25OTTHitMatt Carkner hit Niclas Bergfors
3rd 01:42NJDHitMark Fraser hit Matt Carkner
3rd 01:53NJDShotBrian Rolston Slap Shot
3rd 02:09NJDHitCory Murphy hit Mike Fisher
3rd 02:36NJDShotMatt Halischuk Wrist Shot
3rd 02:40NJDShotColin White Slap Shot
3rd 03:03OTTPenaltyJesse Winchester Elbowing against Colin White
3rd 03:03NJDPenaltyAndrew Peters Unsportsmanlike conduct against Jarkko Ruutu
3rd 03:03OTTPenaltyJarkko Ruutu Unsportsmanlike conduct against Andrew Peters
3rd 04:02OTTHitFilip Kuba hit Jamie Langenbrunner
3rd 04:09NJDShotZach Parise Wrist Shot
3rd 04:38NJDGoalDavid Clarkson (4) Wrist Shot, assists: Niclas Bergfors (5), Brian Rolston (3)
3rd 05:43NJDHitMark Fraser hit Peter Regin
3rd 06:03OTTShotPeter Regin Backhand
3rd 06:17OTTHitJonathan Cheechoo hit Mike Mottau
3rd 06:26NJDHitDavid Clarkson hit Chris Neil
3rd 06:37OTTPenaltyChris Neil Misconduct against David Clarkson
3rd 07:20NJDGoalAndy Greene (2) Wrist Shot, assists: Zach Parise (9), Jamie Langenbrunner (10)
3rd 08:13OTTHitBrian Lee hit Zach Parise
3rd 10:11OTTShotMatt Carkner Wrist Shot
3rd 11:28OTTHitMike Fisher hit David Clarkson
3rd 12:01OTTHitPeter Regin hit Mark Fraser
3rd 12:26OTTHitJonathan Cheechoo hit Dainius Zubrus
3rd 12:50OTTHitMilan Michalek hit Colin White
3rd 13:31OTTHitJason Spezza hit Mike Mottau
3rd 14:22NJDHitDainius Zubrus hit Nick Foligno
3rd 14:29NJDHitMark Fraser hit Mike Fisher
3rd 14:34OTTHitMike Fisher hit Mark Fraser
3rd 14:50OTTHitMike Fisher hit Colin White
3rd 15:45NJDHitMark Fraser hit Chris Kelly
3rd 15:46OTTShotJonathan Cheechoo Wrist Shot
3rd 15:49OTTShotChris Kelly Tip-In
3rd 15:58OTTShotMilan Michalek Wrist Shot
3rd 16:25OTTShotJason Spezza Backhand
3rd 17:28OTTHitMike Fisher hit Andy Greene
3rd 18:01OTTHitChris Kelly hit Dainius Zubrus
3rd 18:10NJDHitColin White hit Alex Kovalev
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2M. FraserD00-11015:12
5C. WhiteD00-11022:33
6A. GreeneD10-12027:47
8D. ZubrusC0000219:47
9Z. PariseL1104022:36
10R. PelleyC00-1007:19
12B. RolstonR0103019:08
14T. SestitoL00-1108:53
16M. HalischukR00-12012:36
17I. PikkarainenR000007:16
18N. BergforsR01-12016:22
19T. ZajacC0002024:00
23D. ClarksonR11-13018:04
24B. SalvadorD0000010:26
25A. PetersL00-1175:59
27M. MottauD00-10024:09
28C. MurphyD0000210:45
30M. Brodeur1921.90559:56
4C. PhillipsD0000024:02
9M. MichalekL1014018:56
11D. AlfredssonR0111022:34
12M. FisherC0000018:55
14C. CampoliD0122214:54
17F. KubaD0000026:59
18J. WinchesterC000025:25
19J. SpezzaC0022220:47
22C. KellyC0001012:31
25C. NeilR0012129:49
27A. KovalevR0003019:39
39M. CarknerD0001516:34
41J. CheechooR0011012:38
43P. ReginC0001211:13
45A. PicardD0000017:18
55B. LeeD1021016:44
71N. FolignoL0001015:41
73J. RuutuL0001147:12
33P. Leclaire2225.88058:42
scoring summary
1st Period
14:00OTT Milan Michalek (7) ASST: Daniel Alfredsson (12), Chris Campoli (3) 1 - 0 OTT
2nd Period
11:09OTT Brian Lee (1) ASST: NONE 2 - 0 OTT
15:35NJD PPG - Zach Parise (7) ASST: David Clarkson (8), Jamie Langenbrunner (8) 2 - 1 OTT
3rd Period
04:38NJD PPG - David Clarkson (4) ASST: Niclas Bergfors (5), Brian Rolston (3) 2 - 2 Tie
07:20NJD PPG - Andy Greene (2) ASST: Zach Parise (10), Jamie Langenbrunner (9) 3 - 2 NJD
penalty summary
1st Period
11:17OTT Chris Neil  Holding against  Rod Pelley
15:10OTT Matt Carkner  Fighting (maj) against  Andrew Peters
15:10NJD Andrew Peters  Fighting (maj) against  Matt Carkner
18:18NJD Dainius Zubrus  Holding against  Alex Kovalev
2nd Period
00:49OTT Jason Spezza  Hooking against  Andy Greene
03:20OTT Jarkko Ruutu  Holding against  Andy Greene
11:38NJD Cory Murphy  Interference against  Jonathan Cheechoo
14:26OTT Peter Regin  Hooking against  Andy Greene
3rd Period
03:03OTT Jarkko Ruutu  Misconduct (10 min)
03:03OTT Jesse Winchester  Elbowing against  Colin White
03:03OTT Jarkko Ruutu  Unsportsmanlike conduct against  Andrew Peters
03:03NJD Andrew Peters  Unsportsmanlike conduct against  Jarkko Ruutu
06:37OTT Chris Campoli  Delaying Game-Puck over glass
06:37OTT Chris Neil  Misconduct (10 min) against  David Clarkson
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays3/60/2
Faceoff Wins1927
Blocked Shots1319
Penalty Minutes1139
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